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3608 Paseo Vista Famosa
Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 92091
United States

Welcome, sisters!

Speak:  find/use your voice

Up:  lifting up and out, self/voice/power and culture/consciousness/equality

Sister:  for the welfare of sisters everywhere, and ultimately everyone

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better— it’s not.
— Dr Seuss


We believe that women's equal participation in creating a greater socially just, environmentally sustainable, and gender-safe world is critical to our evolution as a species.

We believe that an essential component of change is change from within.  However we recognize that we are all in this together, and cannot do it alone. 

And while we believe that women possess remarkable inherent power, we also know there have been many obstacles to women claiming their power in the world.

1) Its not personal -- women's empowerment -- or lack there of-- is a social issue, but it is often experienced as a personal one.  Personal agency is key.

2) Safety is both relative and universal-- gender-based violence occurs in every culture but varies greatly in severity.  Safety is a basic human right.

3) Historical context-- widespread patriarchal inequality over time has been internalized by both men and women making progress slow.  Shifting critical mass consciousness is possible.



To create a culture where all people learn to speak up for themselves and others in service to gender equality and non-violence.

Where men and women work together to ensure safety and respect for girls and women.

Where girls are able to grow up believing in themselves as valuable and worthy, equal to their brothers.

Where priority is given to bringing the masculine and feminine back into balance for the welfare of both men and women.

Where women and girls have the confidence to speak their truth, contributing in powerful ways to the peace and flourishing of all.

So that men and women are equal partners in the co-creation of a healthy, sustainable and harmonious world.



We are a group of psychotherapists, coaches, teachers and activists dedicated to helping women and girls develop a greater understanding of their personal power, and the skills required for improved communication, relatedness, equality and respect between people everywhere, through empowerment trainings, workshops, and coaching world wide.